Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing In The New Year....

Hi friends.

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Mine was spend with some dear friends at the hubs' place of employment. 

Throughout years past, I've always loved dressing up and going out for New Year's Eve.

I bought this dress a few months ago from Forever 21. This dress was sort of a risk for me. Curvy girls + sequins can lead to a WHOLE lotta sparkle sometimes. So even though I love anything with sequins, sometimes I shy away from buying and/or wearing them because...well...like I said...it can lead to a WHOLE lotta sparkle. But, I decided to pair it with a blazer I snapped up at Macy's the other day, and I think it turned out ok. The shoes were a purchase from Macy's at the end of summer. I love them! 


Hubs. Wore a hat = gash on head hidden....but seizures induced by his strobe light hat. Haha. 
I actually really like the above pic of the hubs. Oh the powers of Instagram.

Hanging with our best friends The Hursts!

She had a great year...remember she got to the guy in the pic above! :)

Literally all of my friends (minus Taylor in the middle haha) Instagramming. Haha!

Love this girl. So glad we could spend the evening together...just like last year!
Then these beautiful ladies showed up and the sparkle trio was complete. :) And thennnn, Josh photobombed us. Haha.
All bandaged up. Ringing in the new year.

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful time last night.

While I loved dressing up, I think I've just about decided that next year I'd like to stay in....snuggled with Baxter...with pjs on.

Guess I'm just getting old. 


Right now, I've got my black eyed peas in a crockpot, pork chops in another crock pot, a cafe Mocha in my hand from my new Keurig, and the SVU marathon on.


I'm also debating whether or not to take down all my holiday decor.

I really don't want to take it down...I get really sad when it's time to put everything away!

So, maybe, I'll take the day to just be lazy and enjoy the decorations until the weekend.

Because tomorrow is my first day at my new job!


Gotta be honest....I'm nervous.

But, I'm also just ready to start the process and my new journey!

What new journeys are you beginning this week friends?

Much love, ;)


  1. Happy new year!!! Hope it's a great one for y'all. Xoxo!

    1. thanks so much sweetie! much love to you. all the best!

  2. LOVE your dress.. you totally rocked it!
    I was too happy to pack away all the decorations. Good Luck on the job! :)

  3. Wow you looked gorgeous on NYE!!

  4. You're very welcome and also I nominated you for a Liebster!