Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Memphis Blogger Meetup...

Hello friends!

How are you doing this Tuesday?

From my perspective, it's dreary and cold outside.


I'm so beyond ready for Spring!

Well, this past Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending a fellow Memphis blogger meet-up at Local Gastropub on Madison!

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it, but fortunately, I did!

And let me say, it truly was so much fun to meet these great ladies.

Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels and my sweet friend Miss Bekah from Matters of Merrymaking helped organize it, and they both did an amazing job!

Deocorations were so cute!!

Here's Miss Bekah and me...we used to work together four score and seven years ago...and we've been able to stay in touch through blogging and social media :)

Old friends!

Jamie at Mommy on a Mission made this beautiful and delicious cake: 

Isn't it gorgeous?!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous on my way there...

I like to think of myself as a social butterfly, but I have a teensy bit of social anxiety every now and again...

But these ladies made me feel very welcome...it's like we've all known each other for a while!

That's what I love about blogging...

It brings people together from all walks of life!

Here's a shot of the group:

Memphis bloggers!

I encourage all of you to check these fantastic bloggers and their blogs out:

Judith at Creating Balance

Colleen at Parties and Cardis

Natalie at My Crazy Busy Life

Jennifer at Southern Belle

Hooray for Memphis...and hooray for Memphis bloggers! 

Much love, ;)


  1. I had a blast. It was so nice to meet you. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you much. I need to hop around more next time.

    1. That's ok!! We'll definitely talk more next go round :)

  2. Newest follower here! I am from Northern Virginia and we had a NOVA Blogger Meet up in early February. I loved meeting new people, especially when we all blog!


  3. I hate I missed this. Hopefully I can come next time!

    1. Aw yea!! We missed seeing you! You've got your hands full ;) next time though!

  4. I had so much fun.. I can't wait to do it again.
    And I seriously need to get by your hubs work to try it out!

    1. I think that sounds like a fantastic idea! :)

  5. I wish I would have known about this! I would have come!

    1. Join the Memphis Bloggers group on facebook to see updates!!